卒業研究題目 2014年度


  • A Study of Oliver Twist
  • An Analysis of Elizabeth Bishop's Geography III
  • Modern Women Poets
  • Animal Poems: The Image of Animals in Poems
  • The Image of Death in Sylvia Plath's Poems
  • Poetry of Loss
  • A Study of Percy Bysshe Shelley's "Mont Blanc"
  • Ideal Way of Life for Women in the Romantic Period
  • Poems of Elizabeth Bishop, from the Viewpoint of Child Psychology
  • A Study of O.Henry
  • Psychological Process of Elegiac Poems
  • A Study of The Winter's Tale
  • What Is the Loss in Translation?

  • A Study of Role Language: A Case Study of Amachan
  • Synaesthesia Expressions in English and Japanese
  • A Study of Language and Culture: Japanese and English Viewed from Collectivism and Individualism
  • The Acquisition of Case Particles in Japanese
  • A Study of Tongue Twisters
  • A Study of Second Language Acquisition: The Background of Japanese Learners of English
  • Mismatch of Particles between Japanese and Korean
  • Sequential Voicing in Japanese
  • The Adoption of Hangul by the Cia-Cia People in Indonesia
  • A Study of Language Acquisition of Second Language Learners: Focus on Japanese Leaners
  • How Does Mother Tongue Affect the Second Language Acquisition?
  • A Study of Language Acquisition in Adulthood
  • A Study of African American Vernacular English as Role Language
  • The Nature of Reduplication: A Case Study of Japanese Adjectives
  • A Phonological Study of Tongue Twisters: From the Perspective of Slips of the Tongue
  • Cognitive Method of Language
  • A Study of Language Acquisition--Is Language Innate for Human or Not--
  • A Study of English Education in Japan--Teaching in All-English--
  • What Is the Difference between Mimetics in Japanese and English Comics
  • Onomatopoeia in Comics--Japanese vs. English
  • A Study of the Future of Japanese Young People's Language
  • A Study of Japanese Prefixes O- and Go-
  • A Comparison of Japanese and English Onomatopoeia in Comics
  • A Study of Australian English: Americanisation or Americanization
  • A Comparison of Japanese and English Metaphors Related to LIFE and DEATH
  • A Comparison of Japanese and American PARTY Script

  • Different Interpretations of the KAMIKAZE
  • A Study of Alan Alexander Milne--Animals' Roles in His Works
  • Psychological Poverty --Problems of Adolescence--
  • The Differences between Japanese and American Expression of Anger
  • A Study of O.Henry
  • A Study of Absent in the Spring
  • Poetry of Loss
  • A Study of Peter Pan
  • A Study of Social Discrimination--Sexual Discrimination--
  • A Study of Orientalism in Films
  • The Words Excluded from English
  • Women's Rights in Islam
  • A Study of Christianity in The Chronicles of Narnia
  • A Study of The Borrowers and The Borrower Arrietty
  • A Study of Honor Killing

  • A Study of English Language--Relative Clause, Progressive Form, Perfect Tense—
  • Politeness: Communication Differences between Men and Women As Pioneers
  • The Act of Proposal--A Historical Research on Wedding Proposal and Marriage in Japan
  • The Comparative Studies of English and Japanese Proverbs--Time and Gender—
  • Japanese English in the Japanese Culture
  • A Study of Communication Disorder
  • A Discourse Analysis of Japanese Advertisements
  • "Let's Eat Lunch, a Nice Lunch": An Analysis of Countability of English Nouns
  • Metaphor and Metonymy: Using Animal Expressions for Humans
  • Negative Polarity Items in English and Japanese
  • Non-Verbal Communication in Manga
  • Mistranslation in Google Translation
  • The Degree of Friendship between Women Appears in Conversation
  • Language and Gender: Code-Switching of Gay People
  • Gender Communication
  • LINE Chats: Spoken or Written Discourse?
  • A Study of Chinese Mien-tsu or Mentsu
  • A Study of English Education System in Japan

卒業研究題目 2013年度


  • A Study of The Catcher in the Rye
  • A Study of The Scarlet Letter
  • Disguised Women in Shakespeare's Comedies
  • Image of the Seasons: Depictions of Seasons in Modern Poetry
  • A Study of The Tragicall History of Doctor Faustus

  • A Study of John Manjiro's English
  • Phonological Analysis of Casual Speech in Japanese
  • A Study of Second Language Acquisition:
  • Article Errors Made by Japanese Learners of English
  • Second Language Acquisition and the Silent Period
  • A Comparison of Japanese and English on Cognitive Vocabularies: The Influence of Culture, History and Custom
  • A Study of Second Language Acquisition --Listening and Acquiring Sounds—
  • A Study of the Linguistic Change in English --The Differences between British and Australian English—
  • A Study of Spelling Changes in English
  • A Study of Japanese English: And Uses of English Articles
  • A Study of Japanese English -- Provincialism of Pronunciation—
  • A Study of Mimetics in Japanese
  • A Study of Japanese English --Why Are Japanese People Poor at English?—
  • A Study of Language and Culture
  • A Study of Cultural Effects on the Use of English: A Case of Chinese, Japanese and Korean Students in Australia
  • A Study of English Education in Asia
  • A Study of Negative Prefixes in Japanese
  • Analysis of Language of Picture Books for Children
  • Analysis of Blend Speech Errors in Japanese
  • A Study of English Education in Elementary School
  • A Study of V-V Compounds in Japanese
  • A Study of Particles Marking Locations in Japanese
  • English Teaching and Learning in Japanese Elementary Schools: Assessment with the Theory of Multiple Intelligences
  • Loanwords in Japanese and Korean

  • Linguistic Geography
  • A Study of Presidential Assassinations in the U.S. --With a Special Reference to John F. Kennedy
  • A Study of F. Scott Fitzgerald --With a Special Reference to America in the 1920s
  • Racism in the U.S.
  • A Study of Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
  • A Study of English Fantasy and Howl's Moving Castle
  • A Study of the 1920s in the U.S. of America -- The Prohibition Law and American Writers—
  • A Study of English Landscape in London Olympic Opening Ceremony
  • Metaphors in the Movies
  • A Study of Frontier Spirit --U.S. and Hokkaido—
  • A Study of Peter Rabbit
  • A Study of Anzac
  • An Analysis of Motivational Factors in Japan and Pedagogical Recommendations
  • A Study of Code-Switching Phenomena by Examining Case Studies
  • A Study of Global Linguicide: A Case Studies of the Welsh Language and the Basque Language
  • A Study of Christian Fundamentalism in the United States of America in Modern Times

  • Directives in Instructions in Sports
  • A Study of Refusals
  • Differences in Communication between Women and Men
  • New Expressions of Politeness among Japanese People
  • Gender Communication
  • A Study of Request --Comparison Spoken and Written Requests—
  • Verbs of Giving and Receiving in Japanese and English
  • A Contrastive Analysis of Referential Expressions in Japanese and English
  • A Study of Adjectives in "The + Adjective"
  • How Do Miscommunications Occur?
  • A Study of Conceptual Metaphors for Understanding in English and Japanese
  • Comparison of Praising in Japanese and Korean Culture
  • Herbivore Boys --The Change of Men's Characteristics—
  • Non-Verbal Symbols in E-Mail Message
  • Comparative Study of Communication --Discourse Analysis of Same-Sex Couples—
  • A Unifying Analysis of Would: When Should We Use It?
  • The Influence of the Media on Young People
  • The Importance of Being Assertive for Women
  • The Changes of Women's Communication since 1981
  • A Study of Educational Problems in South East Asia --With a Special Reference to Cambodia
  • Differences in the Communication Style between Americans and British People
  • Differences in the Use of Conversational Implicature between Men and Women
  • A Study of Apologizing
  • A Study of Ironic Communication in Shakespeare in Love
  • Why Do People Laugh? --The Role of Laughter—
  • Miscommunications between a Husband and a Wife
  • How Do Men and Women Make a Public Speech?: A Study of Social Status and Linguistic Differences
  • A Study of the Gender-Specific Use of Politeness Strategies and Its Diachronic Change
  • Campaign Speech to Attract People
  • Meanings of Sumimasen in Japanese Conversations
  • A Multimodal Analysis of Japanese Compliment Responses
  • Why Do Women Tend to Have Borderline Personality Disorder?
  • A Study of the Past and the Future English Pedagogy in Japan

卒業研究題目 2012年度


  • A Possibility of Dorian Gray as a Femme Fatale
  • A Study of Translations of Waka
  • A Study of Norwegian Wood: A Story as a Record of Memory
  • A Study of British Class System in Harry Potter Stories
  • The Study of Nabokov's Lolita: The Narrator's Comicality and Uncanniness
  • A Study of The Scarlet Letter as Feminism

  • A Study of English Education of Children in Japan --The Suggestion about the Effective Teaching--
  • Parenthetical Clauses in Spoken Language
  • Speech Errors in English and Japanese
  • Pride and Prejudice in 20th and 21st Centuries
  • A Study of Japanese English --Some Issues and Criticism--
  • A Study of Teaching English --What Is an Ideal Lesson?--
  • A Study of the Clipping Process in Japanese
  • A New Form of Adjectival Inflection in Japanese
  • Analysis of Error Involving Particles
  • Neologism: New Word Formations among the Young Generation
  • Is Furniture Homogeneous?: A Study of Uncountability of Furniture
  • Immersion Education Using the Theory of Multiple Intelligences
  • Analysis of Changing Written Language: A Case Study of SNS Language

  • Kohlberg's Stages of Moral Development
  • A Study of Irony: With Special Reference to Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Usagi no Me
  • Some Issues of Japanese English: Through the Comparison with South Korean English
  • Modern American Society as Depicted in Paul Haggis's Crash
  • A Study of the Change of Housing Condition in Britain and Japan
  • A Study of Speech Perception --Some Issues on the Listening Skill--
  • The Changing Portrayal of Blacks in Movies and American Society
  • A Study of Pronunciation by Japanese and Koreans
  • A Study of the Background of Fantasy
  • Queen, Governesses, and Prostitutes: A Study of Women in the Victorian Age
  • Minds in Synchrony: A Study of Human Laughter
  • A Study of Picture Books and Language Acquisition of Children
  • A Study of Fantasy: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
  • Young Generation of Punk Rock Movement in the Late 1970s: A Study of Sex Pistols
  • A Comparative Study of Feminism and Womanism in America: From the 19th Century to Today
  • The Use of Dialects in Movies
  • A Study of Children's Literature and Cultural Backgrounds: The Similarities and Differences in Fantasy Literatures
  • A Study of Women's Status in Films
  • A Study of the Magical Creatures in the Harry Potter Novels
  • A Study of Aborigine and Their Future Connecting with British History

  • Influence of Eye Contact and Smiles on Communication
  • A Study of Proxemics: How People Use Space in Communication?
  • Translation of Dialects
  • Gender and Communication
  • An Analysis of the Methodologies of English Teaching in Japan
  • The Concept of Japanese Honorifics: The Speech Style of Young Japanese People Today

卒業研究題目 2011年度


  • A Study of Peter Pan
  • A Study of The Scarlet Letter
  • The Meaning of the Title 'Pride and Prejudice'
  • A Study of Harry Potter: A Battle between Good and Evil
  • A Study of Miyazaki Hayao's "Hauru no Ugoku Shiro" and Diana Wynne Jones's Novel
  • Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility: A Comparison of Elinor and Marianne
  • The Struggle of Lonely Pearl in The Scarlet Letter
  • A Study of Haruki Murakami's The Catcher in the Rye
  • A Study of The Catcher in the Rye
  • An Analysis of Lewis Carroll's Works

  • A Phonological Study of Mimetics
  • A Study of English Pronunciation by Some Japanese Learners of English
  • English Prepositions in Idiomatic Expressions
  • Katakana in Translated Texts and the Analysis of Katakana's Special Attributes
  • A Study of Missing Personal Pronouns in Japanese
  • A Study of the Phonology of Loan Words in Japanese
  • A Study of Second Language Acquisition in Asia
  • A Study of Mimetics and Onomatopoeia --A Comparison of English and Japanese--
  • The Influence of U.S.A. and Britain on Japan --Vocabularies, Movies and Pronunciation--
  • Verbs of Perception: Semantic Changes into Verbs of Cognition
  • Dative Alternation?: A Construction-Based Approach to the Give NP A DN Expression
  • Classifiers in Japanese: A Study in Acquisition and Universality
  • A Study of English Acquisition for Japanese--The English Sounds Acquisition and Teaching Strategy in School Classes--
  • A Study of the Avoidance of Relative Pronouns of Japanese Students
  • Differences of Learning Japanese, Especially Ageru, Kureru, and Morau, between Students of Japanese Language and Children Whose Native Language Is Japanese
  • Adjectives and Their Verbal Counterparts in Japanese
  • Discourse Particles of Topic Shift: Actually and By the Way

  • Segregation and Racism: Korean-Japanese in Japan
  • The Role of English as Lingua Franca
  • A Study of British Fantasy Stories --With Special Reference to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Mary Poppins
  • Problems of Negotiations between Japan and the United States of America
  • A Study of the Relationship between Communication and Our Life
  • The Movements for the Equal Society in the United States of America and Japan
  • The Native American and Their Economic Development
  • A Study of Overcoming Discrimination in Major League Baseball: With Special Reference to Jackie Robinson
  • Different Accents among Social Classes in British English --My Fair Lady <Pygmalion>--
  • The Golden Age of Servants in Britain--The Transition of the Domestic's Role to the Present Day--
  • A Study of The Catcher in the Rye
  • A Study of Gender Inequality

  • Openings and Closings of Conversations
  • Defining Politeness in Multicultural Society
  • A Study of Unreasonable Complaints: "Monster Parents" in Japan
  • Media Discourse Analysis
  • Nonverbal Communication in High-Context Culture
  • Intimacy and Cross-Sex Interactions
  • Gender and Communication
  • The Structure of Store and the Linkage of the Word in Mental Lexicon
  • A Study of Interpretations of Favorable Comments by Japanese and Americans
  • The Meaning of Code-Switching in Conversations among Okinawans
  • Discourses between Asians and Westerners
  • A Study of Communication Style of Younger Men and Women in Japan: Japan's Herbivore Men
  • What Do Translators Translate?: From the Analyses of Films
  • A Study of Intercultural Communication Style and High/Low Context

卒業研究題目 2010年度


  • The Faith in God through Uncle Tom's Cabin
  • What Is the Scarlet Letter for Pearl
  • A Study of Romantic Age
  • A Study of Kazuo Ishiguro Metaphorical World by Unreliable Narrators
  • A Study of Jane Austen's View about a Marriage
  • A Study of Jane Austen's Ideas of Human Relations through the Character Analysis of Mansfield Park
  • "Hath Not a Jew Eyes?": An Analysis of Shylock in The Merchant of Venice
  • The Factors for Building Identities in The Scarlet Letter
  • The Meaning of Fantasy

  • The Usage of Definite Articles and Indefinite Articles
  • A Study of English Education in Japan and Communication Abilities from Auditory Aspects
  • A Study of Differences between Men's Language and Women's Language
  • A Study of the Child Language: The Differences

  • A Comparative Study of Japanese and American Offices
  • A Study of Lewis Carroll's Unique Mentality
  • A Study of Country Music and Expressions of Patriotism in the United States of America
  • A Study of the Difference between "Woman" and "Lady"
  • A Study of American Behavior and Customs
  • A Study of Religious Education in the United Kingdom
  • A Progress of Working Women in the United States and Their Current Working Situations
  • A Study of a British Film
  • Sociopragmatic Transfer in Refusals Produced by Taiwanese Learners of Japanese
  • The Eating Style
  • Blacks in White Films
  • Discrimination against the Jews in England
  • Realities of British Dishes: Do They Really Taste Bad?
  • A Study of Welfare Systems of Japan and Other Countries
  • A Study of Some Aspects of the Grammar-Translation Method
  • Japanese Major League Baseball Players: Differences between MLB and NPB
  • A Study of Food Culture in the United States --With Special Reference to Obesity--
  • A Study of Women's Clothing in Britain
  • A Study of the Education Reforms in Britain and Japan
  • A Study of the Foreign Workers in Japan
  • History of Dance Therapy
  • Obesity Problem in America
  • What Does America Mean to Paul Auster: A Study of Moon Palace
  • A Study of Child Trafficking in Southeast Asia
  • The Analysis of Japanese Honorifics from the Perspective of Politeness Theories
  • A Study of Settlement of Brazilian Immigrants and Their Educational Problems
  • A Study of British English and the Future of English
  • A Critical Discourse Analysis of News Reports in Japanese and American Newspapers
  • A Study of Immigrant and Education Policies in Japan
  • A Study of Performative Verbs
  • American Marriage and Japanese Marriage through Metaphors
  • A Study of Immigration and Food Culture in Australia
  • A Study of Education for Black Women in the United States
  • Marijuana Control Laws in the World
  • A Study of Affirmative Action in America
  • A Study of the Works of Nathaniel Hawthorne "The House of the Seven Gables"
  • A New Approach to Nineteen Eighty-Four
  • Racial Discrimination toward Non-Whites in Australia The Study of Women's Image and Their Positions of Society

  • The Relationships between Jokes and Conversational Implicature
  • Rhetoric and the Persuasive Techniques of President Obama's Speeches
  • A Study of the Differences in the Speaker's Expectation and the Hearer's Interpretation between English and Japanese
  • Speech Acts
  • The Concept of Face
  • Politeness: Comparison between British English and Japanese

卒業研究題目 2009年度


  • American Fantasy
  • A Study of The Scarlet Letter: The Forest and the Market Place
  • A Study of American Literature and Society: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
  • A Study of Kazuo Ishiguro's The Remains of the Day: The Relation between Stevens' Journey and Recollections
  • A Study of Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights
  • A Study of Jane Austen's Novels
  • A Study of James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man: A Conversion to Art
  • A Study of The Catcher in the Rye
  • Shakespeare's Bawdy Words in Romeo and Juliet
  • On The Catcher in the Rye: Holden and Peter Pan

  • A Study of Japanese English
  • A Study of Second Language Pronunciation
  • A Study of Cognitive Linguistics: A Step to Understand the Feeling of the Other
  • A Study of Second Language Acquisition and First Language Acquisition
  • A Comparative Study of British English and American English through the Harry Potter Series

  • The View of Women through John Steinbeck's Works
  • A Study of English Pronunciation for Japanese Learners
  • A Study of Women in the Civil War
  • A Study of Religion and Education in the United Kingdom
  • A Study of Motivation and Social Environment in the Second Language Acquisition
  • A Study of Japanese Nationality Law
  • Activities of Teachers That Influence the Learning Motivation of Students in a Classroom
  • On the Problem of Classes in British Modernism: A Passage to E. M. Forster's Howards End
  • A Study of Discrimination against British Muslims in the United Kingdom
  • A Study of Japanese Emigrants in the United States
  • A Study of Politeness in Communication Interactions
  • "A Spike Lee Joint" A Study of Spike Lee's Movies
  • A Study of Environmental Effort in Europe and Japan
  • Language and Gender: An Analysis of Japanese Women's Language
  • A Study of the British Royal Family
  • Some Aspects of the Improvement of Black Education and Job Opportunities in the United States
  • A Study of the Changing Image of Blacks in American Movies
  • Multi-Ethnic Society of Hawaii
  • A Study of Discrimination and African American
  • Prejudice and Discrimination against the Sexual Minority
  • A Study of Ethnic Minority in Britain: From the Viewpoint of Education
  • A Study of English Language Education in Asia
  • A Study of Obama's Economic Policy and Counter Measures against Global Warming
  • The History of Hip-Hop in the United States
  • Muslim and Japanese from the Marriage Point of View
  • The History of Wedding
  • A Study of Feminism Movement in the United States
  • Bessie Smith -- 'T Ain't Nobody's Bizeness If I Do --
  • A Study of the Working Class and the Middle Class Consciousness in Brit Pop -- Oasis and Blur --
  • A Study of Spike Lee's Movies and Black Culture in America
  • The Comparison of Childhood Education between Japan and America: Focusing on the Head Start Program in the United States
  • A Study of Global Warming and Tuvalu
  • The Present-Day Relationship between American and Russia --With Special Reference to Disarmament

  • Implicature: The Process to Determine the Implied Meaning as a Correct One
  • Miscommunication between Men and Women: Comparative Researches of Minimal Responses in Japanese
  • Differences between Sentence Meaning and Speaker Meaning -- A New Distinction of Speakers Meaning --
  • A Study of the Misunderstandings in Communication
  • Misunderstandings between Women and Men
  • Mis-Communication
  • Japanese Non-Verbal Communication Style
  • Differences between Men and Women through Gender Discourse
  • "Women's" Language Used by Women Who Are in a High Position in the Society
  • A Study of Listenership and Back Channels

卒業研究題目 2008年度


  • A Study of Ideal Women in Jane Austen's Novels
  • A Study of the Lost Generation--With Special Reference to Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms
  • A Study of English Women's Position in the Time of Jane Austen
  • A Study of Gone with the Wind--With Reference to the Happiness of the Blacks
  • An American Literary Study of the Twenties and Thirties
  • --With Special Reference to The Great Gatsby and The Grapes of Wrath
  • What the "True Attachment and Constancy" Is among Men and Women in Jane Austen's Persuasion
  • A Study of Changes in Circumstances Surrounding Women

  • A Study of Language in Childhood
  • A Study of Picture Books
  • A Study of Plays on Words--Nursery Rhymes for British Children--
  • A Study of Language Acquisition: First Language and Second Language
  • A Study of Baby Talk

  • Child Labor in India
  • A Study of the Lower Middle Class in Britain
  • A Study of Music and Language
  • A Study of Americanization in South Korea and Japan
  • A Study of Globalization and the Japanese Political Economy
  • A Study of the Modernism and the New Religions
  • A Study of the Oil Conflicts in the Niger Delta The Niger Delta and the Multinational Oil Giants
  • A Study of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: The Psychology of Alice and the Author
  • Bushido and Chivalry: Comparative Study of Cultures of Japan and the West
  • A Study about the Scarf Incident in France
  • Education of Second Language
  • The Honeyford Affair: A Study of Educational Policy in Multicultural Britain

  • Influence of Nonverbal Communication on Implicature

卒業研究題目 2007年度


  • The Celts, the Transition of Their Images As "the Ancient Symbol"
  • A Study of Oliver Twist
  • A Study of Wuthering Heights
  • A Study of a Mental Development in Jane Austen's Emma
  • Analysis of Pearl's Innocence in The Scarlet Letter

  • A Study of English Pronunciation for Japanese Learners
  • A Comparative Study of the Vocabulary of Verbs and Adverbs between Japanese Students and British Children
  • A Study of Conversatinal Implicature
  • A Study of Especially Present Tense
  • A Study of Women's Language
  • A Study of Bilingual: Some Reviews of the Clasifications and their Language Learning Problems
  • A Study of the Order of Noun-Phrase Premocifiers
  • A Study of Mother Goose: Why the Japanese Cannot Understand Mother Goose's Fascination?
  • A Study of the Effect of Body Movements on Language Acquisition of Infants
  • A Study of Second Language Acqusition -- The Influence and the Role of First Language on Second Language Acquisition

  • A Study of the Amish -- Is Their Lifestyle Really Anachronism?
  • Religion and Peace
  • A Study of Immigration Policy in Postwar Britain
  • The Difference of Child Raising between Japan and America
  • People Enchanced with Spirits; The Study of British Spiritualism in the Victorian Age
  • A Study of Bilingual Education in Canada As Multicultural and Polyglot Nation
  • Cultural Differences between Japan and the United States of America -- Problems of Poverty in the United States of America --
  • A Comparative Study of Culture and Thought -- With Special Reference to Working Women in Japan and America
  • Obsessed with the Class: An Analysis of the British Class Consciousness in Some Films
  • Light and Shadow of Colonialism in Britain: A Cultural Study of the Sherlock Holmes Series
  • A Comparison of the Role of Japanese Family Members with American Family Members -- With Special Reference to Family's Change by Women's Transformation --
  • Child Education Problem in the United Kingdom -- Regarding Asian Minority --
  • A Study of Cultural Conflicts in the Works of Kazuo Ishiguro
  • The Influence of Black Culture on Japanese Youth
  • A Study of Americanization and Japan -- With Special Reference to Japanese Food and Influence of America
  • A Study of Language Learning: Some Reviews of the Britain and the Bilingual
  • A Study of Immigrants and Multiculturalism in Australia
  • Raising Multicultural Children in Australia

  • A Media Discourse Analysis: The Mass Media and the Audience in Reports of the Iraq War
  • Language and Gender: An Analysis of Women's and Men's Language
  • Indirect Speech Acts
  • Nonverbal Communication
  • Gender Discourse
  • Differences in Language and Gender: A Research on Communicative Competence of Men and Women

卒業研究題目 2006年度


  • A Study of Oscar Wilde's Fairy Tales: Aesthetical Spirit and the Victorian Society in The Happy Prince and Other Tales and A House of Pomegranates
  • What Does Realism Mean to Austen and Soseki? : A Comparative Study of Jane Austen and Natsume Soseki
  • A Study of Thomas Hardy: A Tragic Element of Eustacia Vye's Life in Thomas Hardy's The Return of the Native
  • A Study of Thomas Hardy: The Difficulty of Human Existence and Hardy's Fatalism in Tess of the D'Urbervilles
  • Adultery and Religion: An Examination of the Contrast between Two Literary Works in Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter and Graham Greene's The End of the Affair
  • Listening for a Beautiful Melody: A Study of E. M. Forster's A Room with a View

  • Rethinking of the Relationship between Honorific Foam and Politeness and Femininity
  • The Difference between Reflexive Pronouns in English and Reflexives in Japanese
  • A Lexical Equivalence on Translation: Some Reviews of the Basic Concepts
  • A Comparative Study of Some Aspects of the Conjunction 'As' -In Dictionaries, British Written English Corpus, and English Textbooks of Japanese High Schools-
  • A Relationship between the National Character and the Language by Examination of Japanese and English
  • A Study of Errors by Japanese Learners: Some Aspects of Usage and Vocabulary

  • A Study of the Image of Blacks in Recent Movies
  • A Study of Disney Pictures in American Culture
  • The Impact of the Protestant Ethic on Development of Capitalism
  • The Gender Problems of Indian Women
  • Hemingway's Works and His Family Special Reference to Hemingway's Nick Adams Story: Time and Metaphor
  • The Relationship between Minorities and Tourism
  • The American Nationalism
  • A Study of Young American People: With Special Reference to the Vietnam War and American Society
  • The Effect of Tourism on Australia's Indigenous People
  • A Study of American Animations: With Special Reference to Walt Disney's Animations
  • Multiculturalism in Canada and Australia
  • A Study of Multiculturalism and British Muslims in the United Kingdom

  • Implicature and Understanding: How Do We Understand the Speaker's Meaning?
  • Implicature: Generalized Conversational Implicatures and Particularized Conversational Implicatures
  • Intention and Misunderstandings: How Do We Understand Utterances?
  • Metaphors: The Interpretation of Metaphors in Conversation and Their Effect
  • Language and Gender: An Analysis of Japanese Women's Language

卒業研究題目 2005年度


  • A Study of Wuthering Heights: The Conflict of Two CatherinesIn Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights
  • A Study of John Ernst Steinbeck -With Special Reference to "The Chrysanthemums" and "The White Quail"
  • Writing for the People: On Charles Dickens's Oliver Twist
  • A Study of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland : Alice in the Victorian Age
  • Tolkien's World: Finding the Elements of Role-Playing Fantasy In J.R.R. Tolkien's The Load of the Rings
  • A Study of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë
  • A Study of Wuthering Heights: Two Kinds of Catherine's Love in Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights

  • A Linguistic Analysis of Inaugural Addresses by Presidentsof The United States of America
  • A Comparative Study of Japanese, English and Korean: In the Usage of Compliment Responses

  • The Mental Damage of War as Shown in Vietnam Movies
  • East European Jewish Immigrants' Experience in New York City:Examples from Anzia Yezierska's works
  • A Study of Problems in African American Families
  • A Study of Santa Claus -With Special Reference to "Volunteerism" and "Commercialism"
  • A Study of Culture shock and Adjustment: Based on an Experience in Australia
  • Politeness Forcusing on Inter-cultural Communication and Nonverbal Communication through Discouse Strategies of Interactional Sociolinguistics

  • Discourse Analysis:The Issue of Misunderstanding and Implicature

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